Privacy PolicY

Unless you are fortunate to have no idea what the GDPR or ICO is, from today (May 25th 2018), anyone running a business within the EU will be aware that they must now have a privacy policy in place regarding Data Protection; so here is mine:

I promise on my dog's life (and anyone who knows me , knows how much I love my dog) that, I will never share your contact details with anyone else without your explicit/specific consent or request.

My computer and phone are password protected and if you are concerned about filling in the contact on this site form, please don't be -  Squarespace are very clued up on their data Protection - see their Privacy policy below.

I do share photos on my websites as without them I would have no business & chances are you wouldn't be reading this if I didn't but I only use first names unless otherwise agreed.

I only call contact people who ask to be contacted.

I don't fill my customers inboxes with spam or call them to hassle them to use my services - the way I see it is, when they want more photos, they will contact me!

I am not a lawyer so if I have missed anything out of my Privacy Policy, please feel free to point me in the right direction.

Lastly, to see Squarespace's (my website provider's) Privacy Policy, please copy & paste the following in to your browser: 

Lisa Roberts

Owner of Lisa Roberts Photography

P.S if anyone knows how I can stop the average of 5 cold callers a  day to both my home & phone number from calling me asking for someone else or trying to scam me, please also give me a shout - somehow I don't think the Privacy Policy Law is going to stop them....