One week today!!

This time next week we will be sat by our bags waiting for Amy our taxi driver to arrive! She's promised us she won't oversleep but I'm giving her an alarm call just in case!

My cousin Helen bought us VIP lounge tickets for the airport for our engage present  so we want to make sure we're they're extra early to enjoy the treats (comfy sofas, free wine (bit early but hey ho, we're on holiday!) plus we get loaded onto the plane first so less of that 'excuse me, excuse me' as you fight your way up the aisle and knocking people on the head when you attempt to get your hand luggage full of camera equipment up into the overhead compartment situation' to deal with so really looking forward to that!

Strangely this week I had a new customer, Bev, from Perth order a photo shoot voucher for her family in Malvern  & it turns out she works literally on route to Lees family so we're going to stop off there for a coffee with her :)

Some more loose ends to tie up at work today and lunch out with my friend Sal up from Cornwall then a goodbye night with my friend Deb this evening followed by the first of 7 more sleeps!

It's feeling more real by the day :) 

Lisa x