Posing in my studio with Millie!

Posing in my studio with Millie!

About me

Born in Worcestershire in 1971, I have loved taking photographs for as long as I can remember, regularly sending my Mum off to get my latest films developed from my old wind-on 'point & click' camera! Since the advent of digital however, this has grown into a real passion as I find the editing and creative side of photography as enjoyable as actually capturing the images. 

My passion sprouted into a business around 12 years ago when I was asked to photograph a friend's daughter's 'big day' in and I have since covered over 80 weddings but as well as these, my interests lie in portraiture, scenery and animal photography.

I also have a love for art and have painted several 'black and white' abstract paintings over the years. These can be found under 'My Black and White' paintings on the Home Page.

Home for me now is the historic spa town of Malvern, at the foot of the beautiful Hills where I live with my fiance (& wedding assistant) Lee and our much photographed Staffordshire bull terrier Millie. We love to walk on the hills and being surrounded by such stunning scenery gives me a lot of creative inspiration which I hope shows itself through my work. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope to meet you soon.

Lisa x